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Shutters on the Beach :: Santa Monica, CA

By Lara Smith on June 14, 2015Comments (0)

Simply put, Shutters on the Beach is a wonderful little oasis in the mist of Santa Monica and its beach. This hotel is in a perfect location on the Santa Monica boardwalk. The staff took care of us in a way that we felt like royalty. From the initial valet service, the checkin and our […] read more»

The Morgan – Dublin, Ireland

By Ava Stochinsky on April 21, 2015Comments (0)

Quite simply if you are going to Dublin and want to stay in the trendiest area, you need not look further than conveniently hip Morgan Hotel. The Morgan Hotel is one half of the Fitzpatrick Lifestyle Hotels set up in 2001 by Paul Fitzpatrick to create a portfolio of design focused boutique hotels. I found […] read more»

Tom Colicchio`s Heritage Steak :: Las Vegas

By Ava Stochinsky on March 07, 2015Comments (0)

This is my Vegas go-to restaurant. The menu is not overdone, i.e. good selection but not so large that the kitchen is in mass production mode. We ordered a 8oz A5 Wagyu strip to share as an app. One bite and it ruined any other steak I will ever eat again. Recommend any of the […] read more»

The Liberty Hotel – Boston, Massachusetts

By Ava Stochinsky on February 27, 2015Comments (1)

Luxurious…yes. Elegant…yes. Comparable to any other hotel…nope. The Liberty Hotel is a perfect storm of all the elements you would expect from a historical landmark turned luxury hotel. The Liberty Hotel is ideally located in the heart of Boston’s Beacon Hill neighborhood near just a stones throw from the Charles River and its Esplanade. What […] read more»

Home Away From Home Series – Dolce Vita Guesthouse Estoril

By Ava Stochinsky on July 13, 2014Comments (0)

We are fortunate that we at Vagablond get to experience lovely hotel destinations worldwide. It is seldom that I am surprised by the level of hospitality and professionalism. I expect it, but our stay at the Dolce Vita Guesthouse was one of the most pleasurable travel experiences I have enjoyed in recent history. What draws […] read more»

Wake Up To the Splashing Luxury of Tower 23 at San Diego

By Ava Stochinsky on July 06, 2014Comments (2)

Rise and Shine to a brand new experience of luxury and sophistication at Tower 23. The scenic beauty of the beaches from the hotel itself is worth the price of admission to the swank hotel. The rooms are very modern and have a modern streamlined feel. Upon arrival we received a delicious plate of cheeses […] read more»

ALT Hotel :: Toronto

By Ava Stochinsky on May 11, 2014Comments (0)

It’s a boutique no frills hotel, but still has the bells and whistles. ALT boasts of individuality, as expected of a boutique hotel. If you are stopping over for a night in Toronto this is the perfect place. You easily get into the shuttle train and after a quick ride walk across and right into […] read more»

Monte Carlo – Find Your Dream Home

By Erin Silverman on April 26, 2014Comments (0)

Expensive real estate is the thing that tops the list of the luxury items like gadgets, food and clothing. According to a recent survey by the Global Property Guide, the most expensive real estate market in the world is Monte Carlo. Named as “Mount Charles” after Prince Charles III of Monaco, Monte Carlo is a […] read more»