Sparkling pink and white gems on the Nokia 8800 Arte


Studded with brilliantly edged white and pink diamonds of 21 carats on an entirely solid 18 carat white gold body, an exclusive mobile phone has been launched by Nokia recently. The design and luxury of the Nokia 8800 Arte has made this phone one of the most expensive and designer gadgets in the domain of cell phones. This elegant masterpiece has been designed and created by a designer from Australia, Peter Aloisson. Besides the exclusive design of this gadget, there are over 680 features installed in this Nokia phone and its 2 inch display screen is scratchproof. This luxurious phone, with shiny gems embedded all over its body, features a 3.15 MP camera which is very good at video recording and auto focusing. Other features include a music player, 3G, web access, microUSB along with 1GB storage memory which is non-expandable. It is available in the market for $134,000. So, if you really want a luxurious mobile phone with all the modern technical features, this is the ultimate choice for you.


Posted by Bhavesh Bhatia on December 20, 2011 in Shopping

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