Village lifestyle in modern style in Beaver Creek Lodge


At the heart of the Beaver Creek Village surrounded by the picturesque Beaver Creek Mountain nests the luxurious and grand Beaver Creek Lodge at the foot of the mountain range where the guests are welcomed to step into a world of luxury and comfort under the ambience of mountainous decoration and regional culture. This beautiful ski resort in Colorado encourages posh mountain luxury while subliming in the charm of the alpine landscape of the village. The lodge in this majestic environment features 72 highly decorated and spacious guest suites to pamper guests in the highest standards of lifestyle. The interior d├ęcor, with original artwork and rich furniture, brings a royal look to their two or three bedroom suites. The leather sofa near the fireplace, which curls up from one corner of the room, is the perfect place to relax in a cool and serene atmosphere. Rocks Modern Grill situated on the second floor of the lodge is a place where the guests can savor the delicious tastes of authentic American cuisine.


Posted by Bhavesh Bhatia on September 13, 2011 in Travel

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