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talbott_hotelThe Talbott Hotel is the epitome of a wonderful, small, hotel. Built in 1927, the Talbott Hotel is a
full-service boutique hotel offering the charm of a gracious bygone era coupled with all of today’s modern conveniences.

What makes it special? It has a cozy feel to it. What stood out for us is the contrast of the old world charm that contrasts with the efforts
they make in new technology. It may have been the fastest internet connection I have experienced in any hotel.

With an increasingly large concern about all things affecting the environment has adopted an sustainability without Compromise, which
entails reducing our carbon footprint while continuing to meet guests’ expectations for a luxury hotel.

One of the ?rst Green Seal–certifed hotels in the United States, The Talbott adheres to the strict guidelines set forth by Green Seal, a Washington, D.C. based nonprofit that provides environmental certi?cation standards. The green initiatives we have implemented enhance the hotel’s already high standards for guest comfort and convenience.

From energy effciency to water conservation, their commitment to sustainability includes the following measures:

An extensive recycling program – they use recyclable consumer paper products and biodegradable and non-phosphate supplies, ensure that guest room amenities such as soaps and shampoo are the smallest practical size, and donate the partially used amenities to a charity

The latest green technology – energy-effcient equipment and lighting, water-conserving fixtures and toliets, and automatic sensors for lighting, heating and air conditioning in low-traffc areas

An optional “eco-mode” for guest rooms – a simple, one-touch button that wirelessly alerts the staff that the guest has chosen to have the bed and bath linens replaced every other day and also allows the room temperature to adjust within eight degrees while guests are out of the room

The purchase of carbon offsets – to reward guests for responsible practices, they purchase a one-month carbon offset that allows you to continue your participation in green practices long after you check out

An investment in wind energy – they offset 100 percent of the property’s carbon footprint by purchasing wind energy credits.

It is a lovely hotel that I would recommend staying at if you are in town for business or pleasure. A privately owned hotel that is part of the exclusive SLH (Small Luxury Hotels).

20 East Delaware Place
Chicago, IL 60611, United States
(312) 944-4970

Posted by Ava Stochinsky on July 10, 2011 in Travel

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