Enjoy a Refreshing and Delightful Dining at Oud Sluis


Oud Sluis is located close to the border of Flemish in Belgium. You will love to visit this restaurant during spring! It is one of the best restaurants, where you can have perfect culinary experience from a great culinary artist Sergio Herman. The cuisines are fine and each of them has some kind of originality. With each dish that you taste, you will realize some kind of deep research behind it. The dishes are so amazing and have such a great combination of flavours that you are sure to taste every dish twice!

The dining room of this wonderful restaurant is simple with modern decorations and a relaxed atmosphere. You will get the service from helpful, friendly and capable waiters. Their very appearance is smart and elegant! While studying the menu you will get an extensive list of wines which covers all the major brands from across the world. Give your taste buds some overwhelming flavours!

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Posted by Bhavesh Bhatia on August 26, 2010 in Food

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