Ink Jet Sushi: Moto Restaurant

If it looks like sushi, smells like sushi and tastes like sushi, it must be sushi. Right? Not quite.

Homaro Cantu, executive chef of Moto in Chicago’s meatpacking district, is actually printing sushi images on pieces of edible paper –– made of soybean and cornstarch, flavored with powdered soy and seaweed seasonings. Then he blends his own organic, food-based inks for his Canon i560 inkjet printer.

The results are amazingly real. “Gastronomy has to catch up with the evolution in technology,? Cantu says. “And we’re helping that process happen.?

The trendy crowd agrees. Some say it’s like dinner theatre. Some say he’s like a mad scientist/gourmet chef. And some food critics say he’s like Salvador Dali and Willy Wonka combined. But all agree the paper sushi is worth a taste.

via [New York Times]

Kindly contributed by Gil Zeimer.

Posted by Gil Zeimer on April 19, 2005 in Travel

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