Wet Dreams: Poseidon Undersea Resorts

Here’s an update on the world’s most unique luxury escape, Poseidon Undersea Resort, on private islands in Fiji and the Bahamas, where guests can glide to their $1,500-a-night underwater abodes by escalator.

It’s now scheduled to open in mid-2008. According to their site:
• “Design and engineering of the underwater portions of the resort is now complete. The company is currently focusing its attention on location selection, permits, property options, licenses, etc. Some difficulties with the Bahamas location now have us focused on evaluating a private island as the site for the first resort.”
• It will feature monolithic cell cast polymethyl methacrylate viewports, so they’re planning a manufacturing facility.
• It will be built modularly and taken to the operating site by barge.
• The earliest anticipated opening date would be late 2007.

W: www.poseidonresorts.com.

Posted by Gil Zeimer on September 23, 2006 in Travel

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  1. Green Team
    Green Team says:

    Coral reefs are rich and diverse in marine life. They take thousands of years to develop. They are also highly sensitive and subsequently diminishing with human activity. The effects of pollution have a catastrophic effect on coral reefs, as they require very clean water to survive. What could the positive effects be on these natural wonders with Poseidons developments, when they build on the reef, increase human activity and inevitably pollute these remaining underwater rainforests?

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