Fashion Police on E! Online: Purple Is The New Black

While watching the Live From Red Carpet interviews last night prior to the Emmy Awards on NBC, I saw an ad on the E! Network for its program entitled “Fashion Police.”

Today’s article showcases the Best and Worst Dressed folks at the Emmy’s, including Evangeline Lily of “Lost” fame. Many women had a passion for purple.

I saw lots of Versace, Vera Wang, and other big name designers. One gorgeous actress — though I can’t remember who right now — was carting around a $900K pink diamond. Some carried purses barely large enough to hold their cell phones while others were so large, they could have fit a hoagie.

Lots of fun to watch the stars come out onto the runway before the show. They act like it’s a chore but they all LOVE the spotlight. Don’t they?

Posted by Gil Zeimer on August 28, 2006 in Shopping

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